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ART VJ Marie van Vollenhoven works with a rich collection of images, videos & visual art.

Marie is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is based on different visual techniques. She often collaborates with musicians, dancers, writers and other artists and has many varied appearances and performances to her name. She also works for various international cultural venues and museums. Her drawings and moving images are on site and digitally edited and brought to life during performances and parties.

She mixes it all to the music! Book her for your gig. It is awesome.

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Marie van Volenhoven (Amsterdam 1983) lives and works in Maastricht, the Netherlands, as an independent artist, multimedia theatre maker and lecturer in the interdisciplinary art and design & technology department.

She often collaborates on stage as an ART VJ with musicians, dancers, DJ’s, writers and other professionals.

She works with her fabulous manual and digital techniques in versatile multi-disciplinary art. Her drawings and moving images are digitally edited and brought to life.